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Using healing oils that have been extracted from the heart of ancient plants, our aromatic Guinot facials are designed to enhance your natural beauty. Each product has been designed using extracts from plants which date back 10,000 years, offering an organic beauty treatment. We combine essential oils with massage techniques to create a truly relaxing experience.

Guinot Products

Hydradermie Lift and Hydradermie

Lift Yeux

Stimulate your facial muscles with this revolutionary treatment from Guinot. The ultimate non-invasive facial, the Hydradermie Lift will help roll back the years offering visible results after just one treatment. The Hydradermie Lift Yeux specifically targets the delicate eye area minimising crow's feet and adding firmness.

Introducing the original Hydradermie

The innovative Hydradermie facial guarantees that you see double the results every time. Our beauticians are specially qualified to perform this double ionisation treatment which will have your skin glowing after just one session. We advise that you book one  session per month to maintain skin that radiates all year round.

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Peel away the years with Beauté Neuve

Over time your skin can become dehydrated and lacklustre. Our Beauté Neuve treatment gently peels away the upper layers of the epidermis to reveal smoother, brighter and younger looking skin. We apply the Peel'In gel which breaks up your dead skin cells followed by Peel'Out gel which removes them. The treatment is completed with our vitamin C infused Clarimasque.

Exclusive facial treatments from Guinot

Aromatic treatments with essential oils

Tone up with Liftosome

Is your skin not as toned as it used to be, the Liftosome pro-collagen treatment could be your perfect solution. Designed to diminish the signs of ageing, you will see a noticeable difference in the tone of your face. Contact us now to book any Guinot facial.

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