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It's all about the eyes

One of the first things that somebody will notice about you is your eyes. With our semi-permanent eye make-up, you can refresh your appearance with long-lasting eyeliner and eyelash enhancement. This is advanced make-up which can last for many years, however yearly top-ups are recommended.

Lip liner that lasts

If you are looking for luscious lips, we have the ideal solution. A lip liner and blend treatment from us can give your lips a subtle hint of colour and it also re-defines the border of your lips, giving them a fuller shape.

Please contact us to book your appointment today.

Consultations and skin tests

Benefit from our 23 years of experience in semi-permanent make-up and get your consultation and skin test for just £35. A consultation allows us to patch test and demonstrate your desired look before making the commitment. We will ensure that your skin is suited for our range of products and treatments.

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Call About You Health & Beauty Centre in Renfrewshire for more information on the benefits of semi-permanent lip liner, eyebrow and eyeliner treatments.

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Don't look

washed out!

Eyebrow Before

Eyebrow After

Eyeliner Before

Eyeline After

semi-permanent eyebrows semi-permanent eyeline

Eyebrow Before

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semi-permanent lipliner

Lipliner before

Lipliner after