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Where do you need waxing?

At About You Health & Beauty Centre, we have a comprehensive range of waxing options. Whether you need the perfect Brazilian for your summer getaway or ongoing assistance tackling tricky leg hairs, we have the service

for you. We also have range of gentleman's waxing

options available.

Gentle facial waxing

Our facial waxing treatment is a discreet way to remove unwanted hair. Do you feel embarrassed about excess hair? We can provide you with facial waxing for problematic areas such as upper lips, chins and eyebrows.

Do you need help to remove unwanted hair?

Book our discreet waxing service

in Renfrewshire now.

0141 889 7665

Want something more


We are highly experiences in Laser Hair Removal - Find out More

Making waxing less taxing

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